My Best Friend

I met him in the Humane Society, when I was with one of my EXs.  We live with her for a awhile then we broke up.  It was most likely my fault, I have just noticed thing about myself.  When I am in an relationship I lose interest about midway through the second month or get to clingy.  I hate when I do that. I think we made it to 5 months which back then I think was my record.  Boo (my dog) came with me when I left.  I stayed with my mom and her husband for a bit.  Then found a place in about 6 months.  It was an ok place, nothing that spectacular that is for sure.  It was rustic brown single story apartments.  Within about 3 months after I move in I start dating Julia.  She was tall taller than me, and I am 6ft, and blond.  She was also going to beauty school, and teaching there as well.   This lasted about a month.  Then about 2 weeks later I met my now ex-wife.  She was living with her family and was looking for a place.

As fortune may have it the unit right next to mine was open.  She took care of Boo while I was at work. She worked from home and she had a kid from a previous marriage.  6 months later we move into a 2 bedroom

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