How I Relate to Star Lord



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hit a chord with me that few movies do.  Yes the special effects, explosions, and action were awesome.  The thing that struck me the most was the relationship between Peter Quill (Star Lord), Ego and Yondu.  This hit me because I know the feeling that Peter has about Yondu, the man who raised him, and Ego, his father.  Like peter I grew up not knowing my birth father and like him I imagined my father was someone else.  Where Star Lord his dream father was David Hasselhoff mine was Marc Singer.  More specifically it was the character named Mike Donovan, in the mini series “V” just like Michael Knight from “Knight Rider” for Quill.  My dad though he did not help in making me in the physical sense the did help to create the person I have become today.  Yondu was a lot like my dad in his way, granted he was not a galactic thief, but certain qualities of my dad did filtered down into me.  Some good, some bad I suspect most children end up with these problems.

My father though not a living planet trying to act like god.  Mine from the little contact I have had with him, a total of about 20 phone calls, and what people have told me; he is has schizophrenia and he is very religious.  He also thinks he knows what is best for his son and has a bad temper.  Just like Ego.

It was easy for me to put myself in Peter’s shoes, they were just a different style than mine are.  Though I am still looking for my Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot.


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