Journal 9

I sometimes like to look at this point and time as a historian might look at it in 50 years, or maybe a group of beings that evolved cognitive thought; either here or from space.  Think about it, we live in a time where historians can have a much clearer view of the world.  They can specialize in a specific area even more so.  Now instead of focusing on other regions, continents or countries, they  can go down to city, club or college.  These people could tell more about us than we do about any other period in history.  Everything is documented today, from what time people take a shit in the morning to our deepest darkest fears.  It is amazing to think about how much they would have to sift through.

What do I think they would say about the United States?  A generalised statement Is that the leaders push to divide us while saying “they want to unite us.”  The people are starting are in favor of the same things, but allow themselves to be subjugated to the status quo.  The United States leaders start unnecessary wars for profit, instead of taking care of the people at home.

They would probably say that the world as a whole is insane.  We are constantly fighting each other, destroying  our environment and not caring who we hurt in the process.  Yes, we have people who give back some.  But, they are not vocal about what causes these afflictions to begin with.  They only try to cure the symptoms not the disease.

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