Birthday Fundraiser

March 19th is my birthday and I have decided to do a Fundraiser, Not for me but for the Malala Fund.  I am looking to raise $200 by  March 31st.  I have set up a Facebook page in order for people to donate.  It does not have to be much just what you can afford.

The reason I chose the Malala Fund, is because Malala was my inspiration to go back to school and become a Social Studies teacher.  Since then I have started studying cultures and world history.  It was because of her that I chose for my History of World Civilization project the Arabic or Muslim Empires after the fall of Greece.  I learn how they contributed to Astronomy. Navigation and Medicine.  I knew virtually nothing about there culture and in my younger years fell prey to misinformation about the middle east and Muslims in general.  Now I see the contributions they have made through history.

If you would like to help me and donate the link is below:

I thank you in advance for any help.


I am sorry friends.  I have been busy with my class and have not had much time to write on my blog over the past month.  Things should open up come the middle of July.  I did not realize the intensity of the class until it was to late and I would risk losing my funding for college if I dropped it.  So, I must continue even though I know my grade is going to be the lowest I have gotten since I have started.  I will hope for the best which would be a B and expect the worst a D or F.  I will try my darndest but the instructor is know for driving people to drop his course.  There is such a thing as to much passion.  I will admit i am partly to blame. My mind just can not get around school in the summer and the fact that I need another job to help me.

This class takes up a majority of my time.  So, scheduling is a pain.  I just do not know what to do.

My Best Friend

I met him in the Humane Society, when I was with one of my EXs.  We live with her for a awhile then we broke up.  It was most likely my fault, I have just noticed thing about myself.  When I am in an relationship I lose interest about midway through the second month or get to clingy.  I hate when I do that. I think we made it to 5 months which back then I think was my record.  Boo (my dog) came with me when I left.  I stayed with my mom and her husband for a bit.  Then found a place in about 6 months.  It was an ok place, nothing that spectacular that is for sure.  It was rustic brown single story apartments.  Within about 3 months after I move in I start dating Julia.  She was tall taller than me, and I am 6ft, and blond.  She was also going to beauty school, and teaching there as well.   This lasted about a month.  Then about 2 weeks later I met my now ex-wife.  She was living with her family and was looking for a place.

As fortune may have it the unit right next to mine was open.  She took care of Boo while I was at work. She worked from home and she had a kid from a previous marriage.  6 months later we move into a 2 bedroom

Journal 9

I sometimes like to look at this point and time as a historian might look at it in 50 years, or maybe a group of beings that evolved cognitive thought; either here or from space.  Think about it, we live in a time where historians can have a much clearer view of the world.  They can specialize in a specific area even more so.  Now instead of focusing on other regions, continents or countries, they  can go down to city, club or college.  These people could tell more about us than we do about any other period in history.  Everything is documented today, from what time people take a shit in the morning to our deepest darkest fears.  It is amazing to think about how much they would have to sift through.

What do I think they would say about the United States?  A generalised statement Is that the leaders push to divide us while saying “they want to unite us.”  The people are starting are in favor of the same things, but allow themselves to be subjugated to the status quo.  The United States leaders start unnecessary wars for profit, instead of taking care of the people at home.

They would probably say that the world as a whole is insane.  We are constantly fighting each other, destroying  our environment and not caring who we hurt in the process.  Yes, we have people who give back some.  But, they are not vocal about what causes these afflictions to begin with.  They only try to cure the symptoms not the disease.

Removing my old WordPress Page

The next 10 posts are from my old wordpress page JJ  I am getting rid of that one and focusing on this one instead.  Just to make a bit easier on myself.  Please check Photos or Writings to see these old posts.


I have lived in Washington State, California, Florida and home is Minnesota. I have been a cashier, custodian (Disney World), Photographer/Videographer (Discovery Cove), salesman, Transportation Security Officer (TSA) and soldier.
I am currently a student at the ripe old age of 41 and am Studying to become a Social Studies Teacher. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (honor society).
I want to travel more and see this great big world we live in. Explore new cultures and share what I have learned. I believe everyone has different experiences in this life. So, that we can grow and learn from each other. In order to make this world a better place for future generations.

I have many reasons for starting this blog, one of which it helps to build up my writing skills.  I will be posting each draft of what I have written, this way I can get constructive critiques of my work and people can see my writing process a bit.   If you have constructive criticism of my work please let me know do not be shy.  This will help me to become a better writer which is one of my goals.

Next I am pursuing a career in Social Studies education sot that I can become a teacher and join the Peace Corp.  This blog will serve as a journal of sorts for me to express my feeling on certain subjects and help me to see how I have evolved as a person and a life long learner.

Lastly this blog is about me and my experiences over the past 40 years.  There will be journal entries, thoughts on life society, Ideas for thing we can do better and I will even put up some of my work from school after it has been graded, I don’t want to risk plagiarizing myself, lol.

If you have any questions for me or would like to here my opinion on a subject, you can leave them in the comments below the writings or you can leave me a message on Facebook or Twitter for the time being.  I am still trying get a handle of all the uses for social media so bare with me.

Who and Why

Hello, I am JJ ODonnell.  This post is about who and why I am starting this blog.  I have two main reasons for starting it. One I hope this can be a form of therapy for me and hopefully can help others with this blog.  Second is to practice my writing skills.

When I was young I used to like to write.  I would write poems and short stories, unfortunately many of them have been lost in my many moves over the past two decades. Then for some reason I stopped in my early 20’s, most likely I just got to wrapped up in the chaos that was my life for so long.  I have been diagnosed and dealing with Major Depressive Disorder.  I have a hard time finding enjoyment in many things,  I am always tired and I hated myself and others. I have secluded my self in my home, except for work and even that is hard at time and of course the really bad thoughts about myself.

Over the past couple of years I have been trying to get stuff together.  Before that my depression had taken a large toll from me.  I had 2 hernia surgeries in the span of 2 years. My family had moved back home to Minnesota from Florida, where I was still living with my with and step daughter.  This is where I really felt trapped I loved my wife and step daughter, I still do care for them dearly.  I also despised living in Florida  and missed Minnesota so bad.  I ended up moving back to Minnesota and filed for divorce.  She was not a greedy person despite what some people would have you believe.  All she wanted was for me to be happy and get the help that I needed.  The only material thing the divorce took from me was the lawyers and court costs.   I could go on but I will save the rest of the details of my descent in future blog posts.

Fast forward 2 years, In 2014 I here on the internet about this Young woman who stood up to the Taliban in Pakistan so that girls had a right to an education.  Malala Yousafzai’s story stirred something in me.  “With all the death and destruction in this world here is this kid at the age of 15 was shot and came back a couple years later to win the Nobel Peace Prize.”  I said to myself.  ” This young woman can take on a ruthless extremist like the Taliban. Look at me I am almost 40 and have not done?” I asked myself again.  So I decided to make a loose plan to get me on the right track.  What am I good at? What inspires me? And what do I want to do?  I realized I wanted to go back to school to become a teacher, specifically Social Studies.  I also realized I want to try and help people as much as possible.  So, I also want to join the Peace Corp and help out around the world. I also feel if you are going to teach about other cultures I should at least experience a few other cultures than just the American Culture.  This way I can be able to put context into my teaching tool chest.  I also had to get help to battle through my depression and went to the VA.

Which leads me  to here. I just finished up a group counseling class at the VA (Veterans Administration) Hospital here in Minnesota.  The class was called CBSST (Cognitive Behavioural Social Skills Training). In this class we are taught how to think of things in different way using critical thinking skills.  I started this class 3 months before I started back to college, in September of last year.  Now I am About to go into my Third semester of college at the end of August.  I use school as a form of therapy for me.  It is a place where I can exchange ideas with people and become a custom to more social situations.   Instead, of hiding from the world.

I am doing this to learn as much as for therapy.  So if you have constructive criticism it is welcome.  If you have questions or need clarification about anything do not be afraid to ask.