A Humanist’s View of Life After Death

Last night I was watching Star Trek: Voyager and the episode Mortal Coil came on.  This is an episode where Neelix dies and comes back to life via nano-probes from Seven of Nine.  When he awoke he has a crisis of faith in his afterlife because he did not see any of the thing while he was dead.  This got me thinking, what do I think happens when we die?  I do not believe in heaven or hell, a god, gods or even the devil.  So, what does happen when we die? Well, I feel our bodies go into the earth in order to help nourish it.  As for our energy that we use, it is all used up while we are alive.

What motivates someone to be a good person in life if there is no reward or punishment in death?  That all comes down to being human and putting out positive vibes and helping make the world a better place.  Yes, I would like to see peace on this beautiful planet in my time.  I know that it most likely will not happen, at least not while I am living.  But, this is where it can start.

We has humans like to think of a soul as something that can be transferred from this world to another.  Though I can neither disprove or prove this hypothesis, I see things in a much different light.  In the centuries that came before us very few people knew how to read or write, even less would be published.  This is why we wanted or needed to believe in an afterlife, in my opinion.  In our current world many can read and write and almost anyone can be published for the entire world to see.  In this way we are becoming immortal in a sense. If we are putting out negativity history will show that, if we put out positivity history will show that as well.  To me heaven or hell is the way history will see who I am.  I do not need a threat to be a good person I just need to be myself.

But, if I had to chose a religious version of an after life, I think I would be closer to reincarnation.  This is because as we die and decompose we are transforming into something new.  We are helping to create fertile ground in which plants may grow, so that animals can eat and in this process we live on in the greatness of our planet.

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