I am sorry friends.  I have been busy with my class and have not had much time to write on my blog over the past month.  Things should open up come the middle of July.  I did not realize the intensity of the class until it was to late and I would risk losing my funding for college if I dropped it.  So, I must continue even though I know my grade is going to be the lowest I have gotten since I have started.  I will hope for the best which would be a B and expect the worst a D or F.  I will try my darndest but the instructor is know for driving people to drop his course.  There is such a thing as to much passion.  I will admit i am partly to blame. My mind just can not get around school in the summer and the fact that I need another job to help me.

This class takes up a majority of my time.  So, scheduling is a pain.  I just do not know what to do.

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