Clouds, Election, Depression

Apathy, dances rampant through the U.S.
Botched class selection stifles the voice.
Carrions, rancid stench in the heat of day.
Decadent tones of pain and sorrow, screech.
Every cloud thicker, darker, rain will fall.
False prophets sing as the damn nation cries.
Germinating seed crushed like, toes under car.
Horrendously sour is the tapestry of the sky.
Indigo carried in the following weeks.
Jester reeks high from the ass of gluttony.
Known is the kiss of wind wet and sloppy.
Low the heart is heard in a makeshift house.
Mental in a world showered in avarice.
No sweet hurrah in a hindered brain.
Open air, as the sun strains through.

Potent scent of success eludes him.
Quiet he speaks in words ambiguous,
Random cycles pains the joints of old men.
Salty is the wounds in my mind.
Tremendous calls a leader as a child rests in sand.
Undercooked, not on sidewalks, fried bacon.
Victorious she though while orange face strikes.
Wonderful fragrance of life peace, tranquility.
Xylophones chant in clearing the sky song.
Yarns spun soft for ignorant contentment.
Zenith of the sun sprinkles golden rays.

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