Atheist Picnic in Syria

Absents of god, black and white to gray. Basking cement,
feet burn in an instant. Crimson sands crusade the west.
Driving lawnmower, fresh grass permeates the wind.
Evaluating resource wars, metalrockrapclassic.
Frantically savor, Jolly Rancher Bomb Pop.

Greenbacks coarseness, no warm huckster’s pockets.
Honorable people clamored in pain.
Intend no harm, sweet nectar peace abounds.
Jostling aroma grills, beefporkmesquite.
Killing rainbow faith swirl, no side trustworthy.
Lone bucket splash, knowledge wisdom anguish.
Medieval knights to manless birds swooping unknowns.
Nap cooks back like crustacean pot water boiled. Objective trying search prized metals Plato. Pushing peace talk selling weapons sultans cheer. Questing cold in swampy air makes skin moist.

Random music plays in the mind, silenced drivel. Syria split false dichotomy tares’
society. Table set aground, whiff munchies ants march.
Unraveled mysteries, grow louder when near. Vexed
rosy rage nearer two decades, no calm. Wind nips twilight,

near trees douse the sun. X-mark goal
carries like dandelion breeze. Yummy, marshmallow
chocolate and gram. Zonk, the cradle collapse under
black gold weight.

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