A few Economic Solutions

 THIS IS TO BE A LIVING DOCUMENT OF IDEAS.  If anyone has any ideas they would like to add write them in the comments below.
Minimum Wage
I feel the issue is more about the implementation. The way they have been implementing the minimum wage hike is every one must put it into play at the same rate. what if they started with the biggest first, lets say a company worth 1 billion or more, have to put it into play within 6 months. Then companies worth 750 million to 1 billion within one year. Next 500 Million with in 2 years and so forth. Granted there would have to be ways of stopping the bigger companies from moving jobs over seas. This could be done by raising Tariffs so that the merchandise coming into the country is on the same level as the stuff made locally. This will have to be a multi-pronged implementation. Not one thing alone will work. For one thing we have to few people hoarding shit tons of money in banks over seas. This hoarding of money leads to the artificially inflation. This means because they hoard that money that the reserve bank (which I thing should be abolished) has to release more money into the system in order to keep the economy fluid. This also increases the prices of things because the dollars worth is being devalued. Since money is now more in the electronic variety than the physical we could basically tell those with money over seas that you must repatriate the money with in a certain amount of time or else those notes would be canceled. We have lived under the thumb of the rich for over 4000 years now. With businesses the way they are now being around for about 400 years of that. We as citizens of this world have to do something or we will just keep repeating this circle of economic violence forever.

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