Scrooge: A Guilt Trip

Why do people call others who are not fond of Christmas, Scrooge?  This makes no sense to me.  I could understand it if the people are wealthy and hoard money.  That is what Scrooge was in a “Christmas Carol” By Charles Dickens.  This time of year is one of the worst for a lot of people.  They get depressed because they can not be with family or friends.  They dislike how materialistic the world has become. People also want to do things for others but do not have the financial means to do so.  These are all valid reasons for not liking Christmas I feel.  I fall into all three categories.  I have no friends, I am not getting along with part of my family, I hate that we are guilted into blowing all our money to appease Corporations;so they can give CEO’s and shareholders big bonuses and dividends, I also can not afford to do anything for anyone this year.  I am just not that fond of this time of years, especially considering that the only reason we have this holiday is based on a lie.  No one knows when Christ was born or even if he truly existed.  This holiday was made up by the Catholic Church to bring people of other religions in to it.  Then it was hijacked be major corporations to make a buck off the poor and middle classes.

It was my third grade teacher who told us that Santa was not real.Of course this was at the beginning of a bad time in my life that made me question if there was even really a god.  I lost two grandparents, my great grandmother and my cousin between the ages of 8 and 10.  I was also molested by a babysitter, she did get fired by my parents but that was all the counseling I got until I became an adult.  I also did my own research on religions and cults and saw similarities between them all.  I thought to myself if I were in a religion which would it be.  If I joined one I would be condemned by the others it seemed.  I eventually came to the conclusion if there was a god he would show himself to everyone and let us know what he wanted us to do.  Instead of choosing a few to put forth his word and picking people who were worthy like a father or mother choosing who their favorite children were.  So I am now an Atheist.  I may not always be happy go lucky, But I realize that it is up to me to do the best I can to make this world a better place.  Maybe we should change the name of the season to the season of peace and have a couple of days where we can have peace for the most part around the world.  we don’t have to worry about the material things and focus on building relationships with other people.  This should I feel be a time for renewing people’s faith in humanity.  This should be a time when the world comes together to celebrate other cultures and people. But that is just how I see things. How about you?

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