It seem that there are many people who believe that money is the only way to incentivise people to be productive members of society.  This is just not true.  Me for instance I am not like that at all.  I am incentivised by helping people and trying to create a better world to live in not just me but for all our sisters and brothers around the world.   The people that think that money is the only incentive I feel have been corrupted by greed.  They project their own desires away from themselves and on to everyone else.  It is a shame that for most of the worlds history this is how the leaders have chosen to incentivise the people. For to me greed brings out the darkest parts of our nature. It fosters hate, fear, war, famine and disease.   It cuts us off from each other, dividing us to the point where we can love one another and bring peace to the world.

Those who focus on altruism and charity bring light into a society that is filled with grief and despair.  They are the glue that binds us all together and strengthens social bonds.  People like this do not worry about if people like them for themselves and not for what they give others materially.  Looks are dashed for their inner beauty shine through, and people want to be around them for who they are.  These people give with their hearts not their pocket books.  These people see the darkness and do not shy away from what others think or say about them.  This is a constant struggle with temptations and hurdles, which are put in their way.

Some people have a desire to learn and gain as much knowledge as they can.  This is to help inform and teach the others to become better people as well.  Their are also those who seek knowledge to use against others and gain power over them.  Their hearts are dark with a smidge of light or no light at all.  There are those who are lead by being to discovery, searching out adventure and seeing new things.  Some seek adrenaline to which they skydive and compete in different events.  Some explore the reaches of our minds in order to heal themselves or others.  Others crave physical power over others through fighting or personal physical growth, to feel confident in oneself.

Many of these incentives overlap with one another.  The people who driven by overlapping incentives can be some of the most balanced of individuals or off centered as well.  It all depends on which of the incentives that guide them.  If someone allows greed and knowledge they may use the power they gain in destructive ways.  Whereas, those who are guided by altruism and knowledge may try to enlighten the population.  Giving of themselves to better the human condition.

These motivations can be combined in a multitude of ways and used for the betterment of society or it’s demise.  We have to choose for ourselves how we are incentivised and how we would like to use what we have gained.  Whether, it be for selfish or altruistic reasons.  Let me ask you “How do you choose to be Incentivised?”

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