North Minneapolis Police Shooting

I just saw a news report about another black man being shot by police in North Minneapolis on Saturday Turman Blevins.  There was something that caught me off guard from the report.  That is that the officers involved in the shooting get to look at the shooting before they give their statement.  This to me seems a wrong does everyone accused in a shooting get to see the evidence before they give a statement?  No.  Why should the police be able to? We are supposed to be living in a society that has equal rights.  This means that the police have the same rights as everyone else, not more rights.  This makes it seem as though the police are getting their story straight before hand.

Now I want to believe that their are good officers out there.  But over the past 5 years I have seen an abundance of police shooting where they nothing is really done.  No officers have been jailed because of the laws and their authority over the public.  I feel that they should not shoot unless shot at.  This makes it clear that they were in danger.  We have become a society that lives in fear from the police.  We should not have to fear the police we should be able to embrace them.  But unfortunately, their actions speak loud and clear.  If you are black you will be shot whether you are innocent or not.  It feels like we are in the movie Judge Dredd, where the police are judge, jury and executioners.  We need for this type of mentality to end.  We need to make sure civilians are treated with as much respect and dignity as the police.

Now I am not a reporter I just heard something that did not sound right.  I want justice and the truth.  One thing is for sure is that we need major reform in policing throughout our country.  When Dylann Roof shot up a church with a black congregation the police did not shoot him and I feel he was far more dangerous than many of our black brothers and sisters out there who have been shot by police.  This double standard needs to stop.

The image above is from the Star Tribune.


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