Minneapolis Institute of Art Floor 3 Part 2

Top right photo

Madonna Enthroned in Majesty with the Christ Child, Late 12 century


Top Left Photo

Virgin and Child, 14th century

Stone, Polychromed


Large-Leaf Verdure Tapestry Fragment with Birds, 16th century

Wool, Silk Tapestry weave

_MG_3906 (2)

Circle of Gil de Siloe

Virgin of the Milk (Virgen de la leche), 1500

Poly Chromed Wood

_MG_3901 (2)

Signed Saomotome Iechika

Helmet, Early 17th century

Iron, Gold, Wood, Lacquer

_MG_3894 (2)

Giovanni Battista Caccini

Bust of Emperor Hadrian as a Young Man, 1590


Richard Stankiewicz

Untitled, 1954

Iron and Steel

_MG_3891 (2)

Ship Of Virtues, 1528-1540

Wool, Silk, Tapestry Weave

_MG_3869 (2)

Asa Ames

Portrait Bust, 1830-1845


_MG_3863 (2)

Lucille Corcos

Macy’s Parade, 1942

Tempera on Masonite

_MG_3854 (2)

Henry Koerner

My Parent II, 1946

Oil on Masonite

_MG_3851 (2)

Andrew Wyeth

Christmas Morning, 1944

Egg Tempera on Gessoed Board

_MG_3847 (2)

Gaston Lachiase

Woman in a Chair, 1924

White Marble

Elie Nadelman

Draped Standing Woman Figure, 1907-1908


Edgar Degas

Dancer Putting on Stockings, 19th Century

Bronze_MG_3831 (2)

Anders Zorn

The Girl from Alvdalen, 1911

Oil on Canvas

_MG_3826 (2)

Franz von Stuck

Portrait of Beethoven, 1902

Parcel Gilt and Polychromed Stucco

_MG_3820 (2)

Paul Signac

Blessing of the Tuna Fleet at Groix, 1923

Oil on Canvas

_MG_3815 (2)

Theodore Rousseau
Autumn at St. Jean de Paris, Forest of Fontainebleau, 1846

Oil on Canvas

_MG_3811 (2)

Aime-Jules Dalou

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (1743-1794), 1891


Randolf Rogers

The Lost Pleiad, 1874 (modeled)



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