A Walk on 7th Street

Today I went up to St. Paul to shoot.  I initially went up there to walk around photographing sculptures.  I saw the Schmitt Brewing company sign and felt nostalgic for when I was a kid.  My mom used to take us up to my Aunts work as kids to pick her up sometimes when we had plans.  In fact I got a photo of the place where she used to work years ago.  It used to be a Super Value if I remember correctly.  Here are the best Photos from today’s outing.

Final Project for Photography

This is Photoshop project I had to take 3 pictures and a scan of a 3D object.  You might recognise the object, If you’re old enough.  It started out as an homage to one of my favorite 80’s Sci Fi movies, “They Live”.  The project kind of went south when I realized I could not use any words in the project.  If you have seen “They Live” you know what I am talking about, if not watch it.  The movie is a Metaphor for so many things in our society today.  From companies controlling how we live from day to day and how we blindly follow those we don’t really know.