Minneapolis Institute of Art Floor 3 Part 2

Top right photo

Madonna Enthroned in Majesty with the Christ Child, Late 12 century


Top Left Photo

Virgin and Child, 14th century

Stone, Polychromed


Large-Leaf Verdure Tapestry Fragment with Birds, 16th century

Wool, Silk Tapestry weave

_MG_3906 (2)

Circle of Gil de Siloe

Virgin of the Milk (Virgen de la leche), 1500

Poly Chromed Wood

_MG_3901 (2)

Signed Saomotome Iechika

Helmet, Early 17th century

Iron, Gold, Wood, Lacquer

_MG_3894 (2)

Giovanni Battista Caccini

Bust of Emperor Hadrian as a Young Man, 1590


Richard Stankiewicz

Untitled, 1954

Iron and Steel

_MG_3891 (2)

Ship Of Virtues, 1528-1540

Wool, Silk, Tapestry Weave

_MG_3869 (2)

Asa Ames

Portrait Bust, 1830-1845


_MG_3863 (2)

Lucille Corcos

Macy’s Parade, 1942

Tempera on Masonite

_MG_3854 (2)

Henry Koerner

My Parent II, 1946

Oil on Masonite

_MG_3851 (2)

Andrew Wyeth

Christmas Morning, 1944

Egg Tempera on Gessoed Board

_MG_3847 (2)

Gaston Lachiase

Woman in a Chair, 1924

White Marble

Elie Nadelman

Draped Standing Woman Figure, 1907-1908


Edgar Degas

Dancer Putting on Stockings, 19th Century

Bronze_MG_3831 (2)

Anders Zorn

The Girl from Alvdalen, 1911

Oil on Canvas

_MG_3826 (2)

Franz von Stuck

Portrait of Beethoven, 1902

Parcel Gilt and Polychromed Stucco

_MG_3820 (2)

Paul Signac

Blessing of the Tuna Fleet at Groix, 1923

Oil on Canvas

_MG_3815 (2)

Theodore Rousseau
Autumn at St. Jean de Paris, Forest of Fontainebleau, 1846

Oil on Canvas

_MG_3811 (2)

Aime-Jules Dalou

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (1743-1794), 1891


Randolf Rogers

The Lost Pleiad, 1874 (modeled)



Minneapolis Institute of Art Floor 3 Part 1

William Edmondson

Ram“, 1938-1942


_MG_4107 (2)

Jean-Baptiste Auguste Clesinger

“Bacchante and Satyr”, 1869


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Antoine-Louis Barye

“Theseus Slaying the Centaur Bianor” ,1850 (Modeled cast, 1891)

Bronze, Caster: Ferdinand Barbedienne

Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse

“Pair of Torches”, 1862

Bronze, Gilt, Silver, Black Onyx, Red Marble

Henry Bannarn

“Cleota Collins”, 1932

Plaster, Pigment

_MG_4053 (2)

Jean Hanau

“Pueblo Indian Group”, 1928

Oil on Canvas

Harry Jackson

“Stampede”, 1958-1959

Bronze, Wyoming Jade Base

Wenzel Friedrich

“Platform Rocking Chair and Stool”, 1880-1890

Horn, Ivory and Glass with Ocelot Upholstery

Herman Atkins Macneil

“A Chief of the Maltnomah Tribe”, 1905


“Writing Desk”, 1760

Wood, Paint, Gilt, Gilt Bronze

_MG_4004 (2)_MG_4003 (2)_MG_3999

Bertel Thorvaldsen

“Ganymede and the Eagle”, 1817-1829


_MG_4009 (2)

Nicolas de Largilliere

“Portrait of Catherine Coustard, Marquise of Castelnau, Wife of Charles Leonor Aubry with her Son Leonor”, 1699

Oil on Canvas

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After Gaspard Marcy

“Boris Abducting Orithyia”, 1700

Bronze (Reduction cast)

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Joseph Venache

“The Borghese Gladiator”, 1680-1685



Pierre-Phillippe Thomire

“Clock with Vestals”, 1790

Bronze, Gilt Bronze, enameled dial, Marble

Fernandi Tacca

“Satyr and Nymph”, 17th century


Unidentified Designers and Cartoonists

“Waiting the Chase”, 1650

Wool, Silk, Tapestry Weave

_MG_3947 (2)

“Funeral Torch”, 1620

Gilded and Painted wood and wrought iron

Attributed to Jose Montes de Oca

“Saint Benedict of Palermo”, 1734

Polychrome and gilt wood, Glass

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Aaron Spangler

Songbird”, 2006

Carved bass wood, black gesso and graphite

Hans Schaufelein

“Roundel Set”, 1500

Stained Glass, Lead


A Walk on 7th Street

Today I went up to St. Paul to shoot.  I initially went up there to walk around photographing sculptures.  I saw the Schmitt Brewing company sign and felt nostalgic for when I was a kid.  My mom used to take us up to my Aunts work as kids to pick her up sometimes when we had plans.  In fact I got a photo of the place where she used to work years ago.  It used to be a Super Value if I remember correctly.  Here are the best Photos from today’s outing.

Final Project for Photography

This is Photoshop project I had to take 3 pictures and a scan of a 3D object.  You might recognise the object, If you’re old enough.  It started out as an homage to one of my favorite 80’s Sci Fi movies, “They Live”.  The project kind of went south when I realized I could not use any words in the project.  If you have seen “They Live” you know what I am talking about, if not watch it.  The movie is a Metaphor for so many things in our society today.  From companies controlling how we live from day to day and how we blindly follow those we don’t really know.