Day 2

Today was another pretty good day at school.  The only issue I had was the parking, but oh well.  My Intro to Cinema was pretty cool, the professor is laid back and I realized another purpose for it.  This class other than helping me meet my transfer curriculum for school; is also going to be helping me to improve my conversational skills.  This is something I feel I really need.  Especially since I am pretty much a shut in, other than work and school, I don’t really do much other than that.  Whenever, I try to speak to people it always seems to come out wrong. Although, that has been changing over the past year or so.  I am starting to feel more confident in myself slowly.  When I can finally look at myself for more than 10 seconds in a mirror I will say I am confident enough.

I also had History of World Civilization 2 today.  Once again my professor is a unique individual. The first part of class he told us about himself and then had us all get walk around and introduce each ourselves.  That was fun.

In both classes I tried to make sure I stood out in class in a good way of course.  I sat in front of the class made sure to ask questions and/ or comment on questions brought up.

I went to talk to my history professor from last semester Jack just to say “Hi” and ended up bumping into my Interpersonal Communication professor Brad.  I did not even recognize him he had lost so much weight.  He is a pretty cool guy, I liked that class.  Then after he left for lunch I talk to Jack.  He asked me about my course load and the professor I have for World Civ 2.  He said it will be interesting to see how I do being introduced to another teaching style for history.  I have a feeling I will do pretty well, but I do not want to get too over confident.  Then I will make mistakes and big ones.  I know myself all to well.

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