Citizen Exchange Program

The problem has I see it is that we have no real national goals.  When we have actual goal to get behind, we as a people can conquer it.   These have to be the right goals.  The goals should be positive and work for the betterment of the people as a whole. These goals should for the most part be solving issues that we are having in the nation.  I feel these goals should be voted on by the populus of the country.  These votes should take place every 10 years.  At the end if ten years we evaluate the situation to see how we have progressed on the matters.

What is a Citizen Exchange Program?  This is a program in which citizens of different countries have an opportunity to live and work in another country for a year or two.

What need does this serve?  In recent times our world has become more divisive than ever with shootings happening on a daily basis it seem like.  This would be a way to for people to explore outside their communities, experience other cultures and ease cultural tension a bit.


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