Election Prediction

After watching this video Jimmy Dore video I started thinking  and wrote them down just to see how others may feel about the situation.

Listen to the terminology Bernie is using. Bernie is saying “Hillary believes” Not “Hillary agrees to fight for”. If she were actually was going to try and fight for these things, that is what he should have said. He is acting like a politician now. I do not trust what went on behind closed doors between her and him. It would not surprise me if there were some real threats toward Bernie and Warren. Hillary has already proven she can get away with anything with what went on with the FBI. Everybody is worried about Trump and no one cares what Clinton except for us Bernie supporters. This may sound a bit insane But it has to be said. I feel Hillary Clinton could be possibly worse than Trump. Where basically everyone would be fighting him on starting World War 3. No one is going to try our soldiers if they disobey an order like that from him. Hillary on the other hand has barely anyone who will fight her about any war she wants to start. I am still not convinced Trump is not a plant by the Clintons. This election is a corporate coup de tau I feel. Everything seem to work in Clinton’s favor with the exception of Bernie, until now. What we are seeing now is a show for us. Clinton says “Look at Trump he is insane. We cannot have him as president.” Trump nails her for a while on the FBI scandal, The one thing the Republicans were right about. Then he will back off for awhile. The Polls will go up and down to build suspense. Then with a slim victory Clinton wins the election. This may seem extremely conspiratorial, but this is the way I see things going down as of right now. I reserve the right to update this Hypothesis if any major changes to the race occur.

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