Cultural insanity

ideo that got me thinking

I have heard the argument that the states should be divided by other Republicans before. I have just one question. Do we really trust the south with Nuclear weapons? I mean really think about how insane the right wing is in the south. They, and I am using a generalization because that’s how a lot, yet not all despise people who are not like them and are fearful. Ignorance is not bliss ignorance is fear wrapped in false beliefs spread by people who lust for power and control. We have a tendency to fear things and people they do not understand or want to try and understand. People who are self aware know this they try and change themselves to become a better human being. My biggest bitch about the U.S.A. is that as a nation we refuse to acknowledge our own failings as a country. We think we are better than everyone else. This is not true. I feel what we need is the a country’s equivalent of a psyciotrist. If we were to judge our country like we would a human, this country would have many disorders, Including but not limited to schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, narcissistic sociopathic tendencies with an addictive personality.
Schizophrenia, I know someone who has this condition. My biological father I have not seen the man since I was 3 years old, but in my 20’s I was able to have my first contact with his side of the family. This is when I found out about his condition. I have talked to my father over the phone and have had decent conversations with him. That was until about 3 – 4 years ago when around Christmas time, right before my divorce was final. He had gone off on me because either he really hated lawyers of he did not like the fact that my marriage had failed. I am not quite sure. He blew up on me after I had told him that I had gotten a lawyer for the divorce. It seemed it affected him more than me. Had said that I was no son of his, and that he would kill me. I did not know what to do. I knew I shouldn’t let it affect me because I had not seen the man in almost 35 years at that point. I also realized that who the fuck was he to judge he was 26 when he knocked up my mom at the age of 17. From what my mom had told me he also had gotten extremely violent with me when I was younger and was alway jumping in and out of my life. So, my mom told him to leave out of my life for my safety.
Bi-polar I have dated a couple of Bipolar women and I am assuming that trying to date a bipolar man is about the same. They would be good for awhile happy energetic, then from out of nowhere they would turn getting extremely agitated at the smallest thing for no logical reason.
Narcissistic A-moral sociopathic tendencies: In my youth I had a fascination with serial killers and cults. I had noticed that most of the serial killers and leaders of these cults had in common, they were all in it for themselves and said to hell with everyone else. They used ignorance and fear to control and influence people to coax them in to a trap or to do despicable things, like mass suicide, child molestation, cannibalism, murder, destruction and conning people out of money.
These are just a few mental disorders I feel we have as a society.  In our society I feel we need t look more analytically in on our nation and start to see the true reasons all this chaos that we as a nation are a part of and start looking for real solutions.  One of the ideas I have is a class I feel we should integrate into our schools, is a class on critical thinking .  Learning how to think in a more critical manner helps us to see other peoples perspectives better.

Another thing I feel we should focus on is getting people to live in other countries for awhile.  No I am not a saying abandon the U.S.A., but living in other countries could help us to figure out how we can better our country through seeing things the way other countries see us.  They may also have policies that work over their that could work over here as well.  This would make us a more well rounded country as a whole.  This would also help with the race divide in this country.  If people were to live with and experience things that other people go through they would not be so quick to judge others that are not like them.  Of course there would still be those who would try to push a religious agenda, yet if the government were to implement this we could make sure this does not happen for there is a separation of church and state therefore anyone working as a representative of our country would not be able to push that agenda and could be reassigned, retrained and have a mental assessment done.  If they still continue then they are sent back.

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