Review of the Original V Miniseries/ Final Battle

V Mini Series 1

I love this show ever since I was a kid.  This is the only Sci Fi show my mom every really liked.  This show takes a look at the Nazis through the lens of Science fiction.  The show Stars Marc Singer: Beastmaster, Robert Englund in a role you normally would not see him in (a good sweet doof), and the one man I really would love to see at a convention Michael Ironside. These are probably the most recognizable people in the series. They revamped the series in 2009 it lasted 2 seasons.  This remake had cameos from 2 of the original actors of the series Marc Singer and Jane Badler.  I thought it was decent, I just would have rather had them use the same premise as the original.  This is a 5 part Miniseries that had a 1 season series that came after it.

The story is about a journalist who ends up in the middle of a worldwide revolution against a small fleet of ships from a planet near the star Sirius.  The aliens look human enough though they are light sensitive and have reverberating vocal cords.  They claim to be here to help us with the environment, and medicine.  The only problem is there is a conspiracy against them from the scientific community, or at least that is what they say.  Sound like anyone in our current administration.  The symbol on their flags and uniforms are almost a swastika, except for there are 2 right angles missing.  I did not know this growing up until high school.

The revolution is made up of scientists, journalist, an excop and criminal.  If you look closely in the fourth part of the miniseries, you will see something growing in the background of the first 15 minutes that you would not expect in an 80’s TV show.  I did not realize this till I was in my 30’s.  Mike Donovan (Marc Singer) Find out what the aliens really look like under a false human skin.  They are reptilian and are not actually here to help us, they are here to steal our water and use us as food.

The effects are dated in the show but what do you expect for an 80’s Mini Series.  The story is solid and compelling for a 10 hour binge.  The characters develop fairly well.  We get to see the birth of and alien human hybrid, in fact 2 of them the second one was much cuter that the first one I think.  The relation between the Nazis and the Visitors is very pronounced.  All together if you like Sci Fi or even if you don’t this is a good watch for everyone.

I give it a 4.5 stars out of 5 once you take into account the time it was made.  I do recommend that if you like it try the remake.  I thought it was pretty good,  I did not have huge expectations for it and it surprised me.

This is my first review I figured I would do a series I loved as a child.  Tell me what you think and what I can work on for the future in the comment section below.

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