Journal Entry 7

It is quite disturbing to me, as a student of history and culture, that our current administration denies scientific facts.  The last time something like this was going on Europe was in the dark ages.  Disease were rampant like the Black Plague and Leprosy.  This was at the time the Catholic Church’s doing.   While Europe was going through all this it was the Arabic Empire in the middle east that was advancing thing like medicine, navigation, philosophy, and alchemy (the beginnings of chemistry).  Now we have an even bigger crisis on our hands, Climate change, and we now have people in power who is stuck in the area of Dark Age Europe.  This time it is due to straight up greed.  For thousands of years the rich have ruled over us with money, knowledge, and might.  The people of the United States were starting to take the power away from the elites in the mid to late 20th century.  Then we allowed the greed back in to our political arena.

This time like no other time before we have a tool that can help defeat the power grabbing sycophants, the internet.  With this tool we are more connected than ever.  We can become better organized and educated if we the people are willing to work for it.  It is days like yesterday, when I was up at the March for Science that gave me hope for the human race.  10,000 people marching in the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota and millions though out the country and around the world to say “Stop with your ignorant policies.  We need real change, not just lip service.”  Making money is not the end all be all to life.  It is but a part of life.  It is the experiences that make life worth living, not how much stuff we have.  We have been trapped in this mind set that “money makes the world go round.”  It is not it is us the people who give meaning to our lives, not some pieces of paper that are back by nothing but trust in our leaders.

We the people have worked to hard to bring this society to where we are today technologically and socially to let it slip away.  This I feel is just the beginnings of a battle for our world and every living thing on it.  We must be willing to give up our conveniences and lives to bring about a better world for the future.  We have a chance to create a peaceful revolution on our end.  If we stay strong and are committed to peace those who are in power will have to listen.  it will be a long and hard battle this way.  But in the end we will be able to look proudly at ourselves for sticking to out convictions.

Remember we are not alone in this.

There are millions around the world waiting for us to take the lead

and show them it can be done.

I know this is Idealistic but with out Ideals we are just as bad as those we oppose.

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