Induction in to Phi Theta Kappa

Last night I was Inducted in to Phi Theta Kappa, the international Honor Society for 2 years college students.  This was one of my many goals that I have.  Man I am nervous. Now I have a standard that other will be expecting more of me.  Other than my hair at time I am quite forgettable.  Though it always felt like a shallow life, no real meaning.  That has been one of my driving forces in life, finding meaning for myself.  Now I worry about being staying good enough to stay in the Honor Society.  This is what I wanted, this is what I felt might help me open up more and get out of my comfort zone.  Now I am shrinking back in to my shell again.  I have to stop playing the what if game and just do what I have been doing the past couple of semester and I should be fine.  Unfortunately,  I have lost some of my passion over the summer.  I should have stayed in school the whole time then I would probably not feel this way.  Next summer, Summer school or volunteer or something because my job sucks and I need something that make me feel like a human and not a drone.


  1. This feeling of losing the passion after school during the summer is not unusual. Hope you stick with it and continue to make goals for yourself along with playing too. Again, congrats on your accomplishment! 👍👍


    • I have fallen behind a bit . I am finally picking things back up. I just pushing through this. I can keep up my grades, I know it. I start tutoring again on Friday in 2 different classes one math the other reading. So, I hope that puts me in a more passionate mode and push myself harder. As much as getting inducted is an honor for me it also, puts a bit more pressure on me. Scholastically when I was young I stayed under the radar, except for my creative writing teacher, then I just scared her with how dark and detailed my stories were. Lol


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