I found this video this morning and here are my thoughts about it.

We need to take a good long look inside ourselves.  As someone who suffers from mental illness a story like this speaks volumes.  If I am feeling suicidal I will not be and I will tell others not to call the cops for help.  My biological father also has a mental illness and even though I have not seen him since I was 3, I would not want this to happen to him.  I have my illness under control for now and I try to avoid my triggers as much as possible.  But, as a human I can not avoid them all.  It gets rough at times and these thoughts pop in from time to time.  Deep down I do not want to think this way, but it happens.  This why we need to wrangle in the police they are jumping the gun to much as of late and not really assessing the situation.  If you are a cop or you know a cop, please stop and think get as much information as you can before you fire that weapon.  I know I may lose more friends over this but at this point I just don’t care.  No one seems to be listening to the people of this country at all and we the citizens are paying the ultimate price.  What if this was your family member? What if you were a family member of this Officer, who did the right thing and got fired for it?  This is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!

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