Suicide Squad

So, today I went to see Suicide Squad for the first time.  I saw a bunch of reviews on it and wanted to see it for myself.  Let it be known I am not big on comic books, but I love the cartoons and movies.  Now that being said I liked this movie, yes it had its flaws but what movie doesn’t.  The thing that stuck out most to me was the theme behind it.  Whether the studio meant it this way or not, to me it was an allegory on the U.S.’s international policies in the middle east.  I do not go searching for meaning in movies, it is just where my mind goes when I see similarities in life and art.

Look it how the U.S. has handled the situation in Iraq and Syria. When we went into Iraq  and took down Saddam.  This to me was when Joon found the Enchantress stumbling into a cave without really thinking about it.  Then we have have Waller who is part of the government who puts together a force of people that are pretty shady to say the least.  We fund and train rebels in both Iraq and Syria not knowing who is good or bad, eventually creating ISIS.  This is where the Enchantress breaks free and starts wreaking havoc, just like ISIS in the middle east.  Which had lead us to where we are at today over there.  That is a basic analysis of the theme for me.

I liked the backstories of the Characters they did them on like Deadshot,Diablo, Harley Quinn and the Joker.  I thought that the bar scene was interesting, a lot of people I saw review the movie thought it was forced.  I thought it was fairly natural considering, I mean what would you do if you just found out that you are fighting a earth destroying witch.  Hell I would head to the bar as well especially being a villain and after being kept in the dark.  I would have probably done the same thing.  Who knows it could be the last time you do that.

Could they have made a better movie? Yes.  I think if they would have had a couple of Batman movies with the characters in them it would have helped a lot.  The same thing with a Flash movie. This would have provided more context into the characters and more in-depth back story.  I think Warner Bros. jumped the gun and didn’t think thing through enough.  If you’re going to build a universe you start from the ground up.  We do not need the backstory for Batman but more on Deadshot and the Harley and the Joker.  I would like to know what is up with Capt. Boomerang and the pink unicorn.  Diablo seems like he could be a really interesting to me.  The same could be said about Killer Croc.

This was a decent movie in my opinion.  I give it 6.5 out of 10.

I know this is not the best written review it is my first one that I have written.  If you have any comments that would make it better please let me know.  If you need clarification let me know. please I will do my best.


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