Third Semester day 1

Today was my first day back to school and man did I miss it.  I only had one class Freshman comp.  The teacher seems pretty cool looks like it will be an interesting class.  Tomorrow I have Intro to Cinema in the morning and History of World Civilization 2 in the afternoon.   Wednesday I have comp again in the morning and in the afternoon I have Theory and Practice of Tai Chi Chuan. Thursday back to Cinema and History again.

I went to the Experimental Education center to find out what I had to do to return as a tutor this semester.  They will be sending the emails this week for returners I found out.  The cool thing about this is that My history class has a service learning component for extra credit so, I will be getting extra credit on top of the work study pay.  Last semester I just did it for experience not I have additional reasons to do it this year.

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