Fundraising Contest

I have decided to add a new incentive for my Go Fund Me page. I would like my friends to help me with something. I am going to put myself out there and if I reach $250 for my campaign I will record a video of me singing 1 of 3 songs. If we raise $500 I will sing 2 songs, and if we raise $1,000 I will sing all 3 songs. I just need help with which ones. I will remind everyone I am not a singer not even Karaoke. This promotion will start on Monday and end on Sunday next week. Below is a list of songs I know most of the words to. The top three songs will be voted on by people who donate. This list will last till Sunday night. Please write your vote in the comments.

Here is the link to my Go Fund Me page.

Song titles – Artist

1 Santa Monica – Everclear

2 No Rain – Blind melon

3 Black Hole Sun – Sound Garden

4 Losing My Religion – R.E.M
5 Hey Jealousy -Gin Blossoms

6 Run Away Train – Soul Asylum

7 It’s Been Awhile – Staind

8 John Lennon – Imagine

9 Wars For Nothing – Boggy

10 You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor

11 Rise Against – P.O.D.


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