Birthday Fundraiser

March 19th is my birthday and I have decided to do a Fundraiser, Not for me but for the Malala Fund.  I am looking to raise $200 by  March 31st.  I have set up a Facebook page in order for people to donate.  It does not have to be much just what you can afford.

The reason I chose the Malala Fund, is because Malala was my inspiration to go back to school and become a Social Studies teacher.  Since then I have started studying cultures and world history.  It was because of her that I chose for my History of World Civilization project the Arabic or Muslim Empires after the fall of Greece.  I learn how they contributed to Astronomy. Navigation and Medicine.  I knew virtually nothing about there culture and in my younger years fell prey to misinformation about the middle east and Muslims in general.  Now I see the contributions they have made through history.

If you would like to help me and donate the link is below:

I thank you in advance for any help.

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